September 3rd is National Beard Day and we want to find the best beard in Orem and then lavish gifts and praise upon the owner of said beard.

A winner will be crowned on Friday, September 9th. 

The grand prize is an advanced beard kit from Orem’s own Mini Moustachery at University Place. We want the best beard in Orem to be properly cared for so we’re going to load the winner up with gear and supplies. 

Review the beards and then cast your vote. 

Kohl L.

Aaron B.

Isaac S.

Tyson B. 

Kristopher S.

Brendyn B.

Colton M.

Tyler O.

P. Gurney

Bill J.

Ryan S.

Paul G.

Nyan W. 

Glen P.

Nick J. 

Nate W.

Sonny L.

Matt K.

Eric F.

Jeff P.

E. Anderson

Ben C.

Scott C. 

Mike A.

Dominique R.