Active Projects Being Built

July 30, 2021
Name of ProjectAddressDescriptionStatus
American Crafts 1530 W 1200 North101,268 sq ft Interior FinishNear Completion
Architectural Coalition 962 W 800 NorthInterior FinishNear Completion
Bianca's Bakery 334 E 800 south3,200 sq ft remodelUnder Construction
Dr Kyle Bowen - Canyon Dental Office 870 N 980 W #108Interior RemodelUnder Construction
Bushnell Physical Therapy 980 E 800 N #103Interior finishUnder Construction
Caliber Wealth 980 E 800 North4,156 sq ft interior finishNear Completion
CareNow Urgent Care Clinic 117 N State StInterior FinishUnder Construction
Cascade Office Park (2nd building)980 E 800 North23,620 sq ft office building 2 levels - shell onlyUnder Construction
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 1049 S Geneva RoadPavillionUnder Construction
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 1471 S Geneva RoadOrem Utah TempleUnder Construction
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 1146 W 1450 SouthLDS Stake CenterUnder Construction
Chubby's 1087 S 750 EastInterior RemodelUnder Construction
Churro Company 541 E University PkHood InstallationIssued
Cirque Lodge1240 E 800 North73,815 sq ft 52 residential rooms being added to campus - 3 levelsUnder Construction
Cirque Lodge 1240 E 800 NorthInterior remodel including employee fitness areaUnder Construction
City of Orem 56 N State StreetInterior restroom addition & restroom remodel, breakroomUnder Construction
CJO-RMJ University Pk 325 E University Pk4,511 sq ft interior remodelUnder Construction
Clegg Steel 1117 N 1565 West5,973 sq ft additionUnder Construction
Cookie Cutter Salon 374 E University PkInterior remodelNear Completion
Courtside Apartments411 S 1230 WestInterior remodelNear Completion
Delta V Technology1537 W 400 South14,006 sq ft Warehouse with front offices (3 spaces)Near Completion
Dillard's 543 E University PK159,800 sq ft 2 story buildingUnder Construction
EOS Fitness 52 E Univeristy PkInterior RemodelUnder Construction
Five Sushi Brothers 1355 S Sandhill RdInterior Finish inside Wal-MartUnder Construction
Green on Campus Drive 1001 S Campus DriveBldg 2 - 303,771 sq. ft. 230 Apts - 5 levelsNear Completion
The HUB1435 W 800 South238,848 sq ft Apartments - 123 Units + Garage - 6 levelsNear Completion
Ice Engineers1130 N 1565 West5,898 sq ft addition - Industrial WarehouseUnder Construction
IL Capo 185 N 1330 West5,750 sq ft commercial buildingUnder Construction
Intermountain Healthcare256 E University PkInterior remodelUnder Construction
Kokonut Island Grill and Everbowl 1663 N State2,649 sq ft interior finishUnder Construction
L & T Retail1663 N State Street2,296 sq ft Retail Space (shell only) Near Completion
Little Caesar's Pizza1690 N State StreetInterior FinishUnder Construction
Mercado Las Americas1187 N 1200 West3,896 sq ft RemodelUnder Construction
Midtown 360 360 S State StreetSW Tower - 107,820 sq ft Mixed Use - 104 Apts - 4 levelsUnder Construction
Mountainland Supply 1505 W 130 SouthInterior remodelUnder Construction
Mountainland Technical College 1280 S 1380 WestInterior Finish of Units 7, 8, 9, 10Under Construction
Nexio 727 N 1550 EastInterior RemodelUnder Construction
Orem Industrial Building #3 1470 W 1200 North127,468 sq ft Commercial shellUnder Construction
Orem Industrial Building #4 1410 W 1200 North127,468 sq ft Commercial shellUnder Construction
Orem Plaza Retail Bldg 117 N State Street4,800 sq ft remodelUnder Construction
Pediatric Smiles of Utah 1028 W 950 NorthNew 11,085 sq ft Commercial BuildingUnder Construction
Dr. Matthew Poulsen 980 E 800 North #1042,846 sq ft Interior FinishUnder Construction
Proof Pest Control 1002 S State StreetInterior finishUnder Construction
Red Taco1077 S 750 EastCommercial Hood installIssued
Renegade Chiropractic 1028 W 950 SouthInterior finishUnder Construction
Rock Solid Granite & Tile 1161 W 780 North709 sq ft storage additionUnder Construction
Roxberry Juice 1296 W University PK1,300 sq ft New Commercial structure - shellUnder Construction
Roxberry Juice 1296 W University PkInterior FinishUnder Construction
The Rush Funplex 575 E University Pk7,500 sq ft interior remodelUnder Construction
RW Commercial Center 1280 S 1380 WestOn-going interior finish permits for several UnitsUnder Construction
Salon 21 328 E 800 South3,201 sq ft Interior remodelUnder Construction
Dr. Adam Shepherd Dental Office 1028 W 950 North6.347 Sq ft Interior finishNear Completion
Soelberg Industries248 S Mountain Way 19,087 sq ft warehouse & office additionNear Completion
Stewart Retail 31 W University PkInterior demising wallsUnder Construction
Strictly Ballroom575 N 1200 WestInterior RemodelUnder Construction
Swig 86 E University PkNew Commercial BuildingUnder Construction
Target 175 W Center Interior RemodelUnder Construction
University Mall Shopping Center 575 E University PkNew entrance tower & elevatorUnder Construction
University Mall Shopping Center500 E Park Avenue7 Story Office & Parking StructureUnder Construction
Utah Central Association of Realtors 1031 W CenterInterior Remodel Under Construction
VA Medical Clinic 774 S State Street14,390 sq ft RemodelNear Completion
Via 313 Pizzeria 212 E University Pk4,915 sq ft interior finishUnder Construction
Vividly LLC 1580 W 1200 N #424,242 Sq Ft Interior FinishUnder Construction
Vivos Therapeutics 199 W Center StInterior Remodel & small AdditionUnder Construction
Xpointe Retail 574 W 1600 North New Commercial BuildingsUnder Construction
Bee Bakery1439 W CenterInterior RemodelUnder Plan Review
Boba Luv 541 E University Pk Suite CInterior RemodelUnder Plan Review
DoorDash - DashMart 1189 S 1680 WestInterior FinishReady to issue
Fed Up 142 S State #D1,963 sq ft interior finishUnder Plan Review
Holiday Oil 759 N 1600 WestNew commerical buildingUnder Plan Review
Holiday Oil 759 N 1600 WestNew Car WashUnder Plan Review
Jackson's1308 W University PKInterior Remodel & small AdditionReady to issue
James & Jones Coffee 570 E Park AvenueInterior FinishUnder Plan Review
Lakanto Office & Warehouse 1470 W 1200 NInterior FinishUnder Plan Review
Mic Rock Senior Care 1925 N State Street4,738 Sq ft Addition to existing Senior Care buildingWaiting for Planning & Zoning approval
Nails by Hails360 E 800 SouthInterior RemodelUnder Plan Review
NPS Store 475 N State StreetNew facade and canopyReady to issue
Park Avenue WestUniversity Mall132,891 sq ft Office building - 5 levelsNot issued yet. Owner requested an extension
Provo Health 980 E 800 North1,686 sq ft Interior FinishReady to issue
Savage Fish Poke Lounge 1110 S State StInterior FinishUnder Plan Review
Uptown Cheapskate 394 E University ParkwayInterior FinishReady to issue
WMS Properties 1184 N Industrial Park2,574 sq ft RemodelReady to issue
Yummy's Korean BBQ 360 S State Street2 Hypedomes for outdoor seatingUnder Plan Review


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