As part of critical maintenance to the water system, the City of Orem is planning to flush fire hydrants.

Flushing the system has numerous benefits including:

1.     Pipe Cleaning – the higher velocities clean the walls of the pipe.

2.     Water Circulation – the water at dead-end lines and cul-de-sacs is flushed out.

3.     Valve Exercising – both the valves in the road and on the fire hydrant need to be turned so, over time, they don’t get stuck.

4.     System Check – just like the body needs a physical check-up, flushing the system is like putting the body on a treadmill and monitoring the vital signs.

Flushing the system can cause some temporary inconveniences of low water pressure or slightly discolored water.  The discolored water poses no health risk and is part of the process to clean out sediment in the water lines.  If you see crews flushing hydrants in your neighborhood, refrain from using water in your home until after the process is complete (usually 15 or 30 minutes).  After they leave, turn a cold water tap on for a few minutes to clear out any possible remaining sediment in your own line.

Even though water is a precious resource and flushing may appear to wastewater, please be assured we are committed to conserving water, energy, and labor by flushing no more than necessary. The personnel flushing fire hydrants are trained in proven water system maintenance practices. Thank you for your cooperation with this project. If you have questions or concerns, please text us at 801-229-7000.

For the safety of both residents and City workers, we ask for the public’s help by allowing full access to fire hydrants.  Please move parked vehicles away from hydrants and try to keep children at a safe distance.

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