Starting  December 28th and running through January 24th, the Department of Public Works will have dumpsters and/or drop off locations for citizens to dispose of their Christmas tree.

You must transport your tree(s) to a designated collection site listed below.  Designated dumpsters or drop sites are located at each of these locations.  Please remove all tree decorations and place your tree in the dumpster or at the designated drop off site as indicated by the posted signs.

Please do not leave your tree at an unmarked location or leave it on your city street.  Schools, churches, or other private dumpsters are not approved Drop-Off locations.  Your cooperation is appreciated.

Drop-Off & Dumpster Locations


Sharon Park, 500 North 275 East

Bonneville Park, 1500 N 800 W

Foothill Park, 1010 North 1200 East

Cascade Park, 200 N 925 E

Scera Pool, 600 South State St.

City Park, 200 E 100 N

Hillcrest Park, 1400 South 700 East

Community Park, 580 W 350 S

Cherry Hill Park, 1800 South 220 East

Northridge Park, 1750 N 165 E

Westmore Park, 1050 South Main

Scera Park, 550 S 400 E

Springwater Park, 945 South Artesian Road

Windsor Park, 120 W 1250 N

Lakeside Park, 400 South Vineyard Way

Nielsen’s Grove, 375 W 2000 S

  IHC Soccer Field, 600 W 400 N