Buried Water Tank Project

Orem’s adopted 2016 Culinary Water Master Plan identified current and future water storage needs for the City of Orem. Specifically, a 10 million-gallon water storage deficit was identified. The City has proposed a 10 million gallon underground tank to meet this deficit. 

Two sites have been proposed as possible sites due to optimal pressure zones, pipe sizes, pipe velocity, elevation, current needs, future growth.

Community Park (south of Mountain View High School) has been identified as one potential location for the tank.

The southwest corner of 400 S & 400 W has also been identified as a potential location for the tank.

Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs will be updated as more questions come in and further information is available. 

First Digital Q & A with Project Leaders

We gathered all of the submitted questions and sat down with the team leading this project to get answers to these frequently asked questions. 

NOTE: These videos were recorded before the potential location at 400 W 400 S was available.

Public Works Director Chris Tschirki and Water Division Manager Neal Winterton answer questions about why Orem needs this tank, how the tank system works, system maintenance, and more.  (9 min 50 sec)

Public Works Director Chris Tschirki answers questions about the process behind deciding on Community Park and alternative locations for the tank.
(5 min 24 sec)


City Engineer Sam Kelly answers questions about the construction timeline, process, and efforts to keep neighbors safe during the build.
(10 min 35 sec)

Community Meeting Recap

We held two digital community meetings to discuss this project. The recordings of these meetings are available below. 

This meeting was mainly focused on the proposal of locating the tank at Community Park.

This meeting was mainly focused on the proposal of locating the tank at the Farley property at 400 W and 400 S. 


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