3:23 Presentation

28:28 What about start up costs? How would those be paid?

29:43 How would a split impact the distribution of Title 1 funding?

30:35 If this issue is put on the ballot, would it be tied to a tax increase?

35:23 What would the administrative costs look like for a new school district?

37:48 What cost saving measures did you look at for the new school district?

41:05 ASD has announced a $600M bond. Historically, what has ASD sent to us and what will Orem pay towards the $600M bond?

42:04 Does ASD subsidize Orem schools’ operational budgets?

47:10 Do we have to buy the buildings from ASD?

48:20 How would the new district’s overhead costs compare to ASD overhead costs?

50:19 Would a new school district guarantee current pay schedules and increases for longer than 1 year and the same benefits as ASD?

52:59 What could a new district do to retain and compete for teachers?

54:58 How would the new district have the financial resources to give teachers better pay and benefits than ASD?

55:49 On your future projections of teachers’ pay, was that inclusive of all teacher benefits including health insurance, retirement, raises, etc.?

56:32 Are the resources available for new employees to have the same unique benefits such as early retirement and medical coverage package as grandfathered employees?

58:00 Will a new school district have the financial resources to sustain extracurriculars and special programs such as Clear Creek, the Space Center, dual enrollment, foreign language immersion, gifted services, music, band, arts, drama, sports, etc.?

1:01:17 How would an Orem district handle special needs students differently than ASD?

1:04:26 How would this affect children living outside of Orem but attending Orem schools?

1:08:19 What percentage of students who attend Lakeridge and Mountain View live in Vineyard?

1:13:49 If those students end up going to schools outside of the new Orem School District, does it place teachers in jeopardy of losing their jobs?

1:14:46 Does the State allow single city districts?

1:15:47 Did you provide access or attribution to all the data you used in the study?

1:16:37 Were teacher preference/opinions considered during this study? If not, why not?

1:17:47 What are the demographics of students in Orem? Is the student population increasing or decreasing and how does that affect an Orem school district?

1:19:25 How would you sustain the Orem District if populations decline?

1:21:31 How does a smaller school district translate into better test scores?

1:23:52 How would the splitting of the assets work with ASD if we form an Orem School District?

1:24:47 Does this study address the funding for capital expenses such as new schools, repairing schools, and district facilities?

1:27:14 What efforts have you taken to make this an objective study and verify your results?

1:27:43 Could you clarify the declining test scores on your slide in relation to the impact of COVID?

1:28:43 Why does your study focus on the Canyon/Jordans school district split and less on smaller districts?

1:31:35 If we get a new school district, what things will we have control of that we currently don’t?

1:32:32 Did you do a comparative analysis or verify the results of any of ASD feasibility studies?

1:33:16 Do you plan on meeting with ASD to talk about the findings of the study, specifically the discrepancy between the test scores reported to the State?

1:33:40 What are the consequences to Orem if the projections in this study are wrong?

1:34:48 What will happen to teacher pay and benefits after the first year?

1:35:57 Canyons has seen their taxes increase beyond year 1 or 2. Why not give the data for years 5 and beyond?

1:36:45 Starting a charter school instead of splitting

1:37:10 Bond still needed in split?

1:37:33 Interns included in teacher pay?

1:38:25 Will teacher pay and benefits go down if the districts split?

1:39:00 Can bond money only be used for capital projects? How could a school district with no bond history qualify?

1:39:23 How have you approached other districts to discuss special service agreements?

1:41:30 Will there be an opportunity for ASD to respond to study? Can you share your experiences meeting with ASD?

1:44:00 Will teachers have a choice in their employment?

1:44:57 Would these forecasts be guaranteed after the first year?

1:45:54 What is the reason for splitting? 

1:47:06 Are shared agreement costs included in your forecast?

1:48:08 Will it cost Orem residents a permanent 4.2% tax increase to maintain status quo?

1:49:32 Special needs students school choice?

1:53:09 Overcrowding in Orem Junior Highs: Move 9th graders to High School? Or build another junior high school?

1:55:46 Is the public aware that the proposed plan for the Orem City Council to play a role in school oversight is contrary to Utah state law?

1:56:17 Does Orem have a greater number of grandfathered teachers than the district on average?

1:56:43 Communication methods?

1:57:44 Closing

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