0:00 Start 

41:54 What are the advantages and disadvantages of having our own school district? 

44:06 Why were scenarios #5 & #6 added? 

46:07 Why are you using seismic data from ‘06? 

46:31 How would Orem’s split be different from the Jordan/Canyons split? 

49:31 Why is there a rush to get it on the ballot by this Nov.? 

51:56 What did you discuss with ASD and Provo School District in regards to shared service agreements? 

55:30 Do voters get to choose a scenario or would a new school board do that? 

56:16 Orem will still retain its portion of the old ASD bond debt. Was this extra debt factored into the feasibility study? If not, how would this change the projections in terms of cost to Orem? 

56:50 Can bond funds be used to build district facilities such as admin buildings, bus depot, etc.? 

57:15 What year would citizens of Orem vote on new bonds? If the bond passes how soon could construction on these facilities start? 

58:35 What reasons did you find for the disparity between school admin pay and teacher pay? 

59:50 Why does the baseline show an increase in property tax when the Alpine bond is a net zero bond? 

1:01:48 What is Orem city’s bond rating and how could this benefit the new school district? 

1:02:29 If ASD did not provide you the financial statements for schools, as an auditor, how did you verify how much was actually being sent to and spent at each school? Did they have other records that you could verify? 

1:03:39 Has the study determined how many students from Orem are currently enrolled at Dan Peterson for special education services and what the average cost per pupil of providing those services will be? 

1:04:44 Did DEC take into consideration the Title III money that Orem receives now from being with ASD? 

1:05:29 Does the study provide exact information about teacher pay, hourly pay, professional development? 

1:06:02 In the last meeting, DEC mentioned if money was used more efficiently then more money could be used for teachers. Specifically, how could money be used more efficiently to add teachers and reduce class size? 

1:06:58 How many teachers could scenario #6’s $4M hire? 

1:07:30 What year would the Orem district start? 

1:10:36 What will be the relationship between the new school board and the Orem City Council? 

1:11:49 Is there enough money in the new budget to support hiring more teachers to bring down class size? 

1:12:30 Our district and teachers define these as classes such as PE and art. You seem to be meaning dual language and accelerated learning. What are you defining as specialty classes? 

1:14:42 Is there any way to split the school district without consent of the voters? 

1:14:57 Can you give us an example of the $25M in seismic remediations? 

1:20:02 Are you accounting for the general fund portion of Orem’s bond payments? 

1:23:05 Would it be better to work with ASD on a split rather than pulling out 15,000 students prematurely? 

1:27:36 How can we be financially supportive of Title I schools if we break away from ASD? 

1:28:17 Would Alpine subsidize Orem over time? 

1:29:02 What is the plan for students who attend Oak Canyon who live in Orem? 

1:31:43 How would you plan to keep teachers who would lose their pensions if we left ASD? 

1:32:37 What evidence do you have that class sizes has affected test scores specifically in Orem? 

1:33:45 How are you going to deal with the Title I funds Orem currently receives? 

1:34:44 What was the amount of $ Orem City spent to research this issue? 

1:36:18 Is this a legally obligated meeting? 

1:37:49 How would the ASD bond be distributed if it passed along with an Orem split? 

1:38:38 Why can we not be told about the disadvantages? 

1:38:59 Can teachers choose which school district they want to be in? 

1:40:15 Please elaborate on the Stanford study cited in the report 

1:42:52 Are some Orem test scores higher than state averages? 

1:43:22 Will teachers lose their pensions? 

1:46:13 Why is there a tax increase if there is a surplus of savings from the bond? 

1:47:43 What is the plan to ensure OSD could pay admins that want to stay in Orem? 

1:50:57 Did you factor in the 2017 ASD feasibility update? 

1:51:51 What is 1 negative for splitting? 

1:53:45 Closing

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