In January, the new Mayor and City Council were sworn into office. Shortly thereafter they met to discuss important issues affecting the residents of Orem. In that meeting, the Council voted 7-0 to move forward with a feasibility study to determine whether or not Orem should create its own school district.

After reviewing two qualified applicants, they are pleased to announce that Discovery Education Consultants (DEC) has been selected to perform the feasibility study. This very qualified team of professionals has many years of experience in school district administration, educational management, curriculums, and finance.

Dr. Paul J. McCarty is heading up the DEC team. Dr. McCarty served 40 years in the Granite School District as a public-school Principal and District Office Administrator. He taught for more than 30 years at Brigham Young University in the Departments of Education, Family Life, and Psychology as an adjunct professor. He served on the Draper City Council and Canyons School Board. He was involved in the 2007 creation, development, and organization of the new Canyons School District in Utah.

In addition, Dr. McCarty worked closely with the Utah Legislature to enact laws to ensure the success of new school districts. This includes the School District Division Funding Bill that creates mechanisms to ensure that students and teachers are protected when a school district is split.

Recognitions received by Dr. McCarty include the Jon & Karen Huntsman Award for Excellence in Education, the Granite School District and Utah Principal of the Year Awards, and the United States Air Force Distinguished Civic Leader of Utah Award.

Regarding the study, Dr. McCarty stated, “This feasibility study is the first step to determine whether or not it makes sense for Orem to have its own School District. The focus of this study will be threefold. First, what is in the best interest of the students. Second, how to retain our great educators with competitive salaries and benefits. Third, is the creation of a new district financially feasible. Our team of financial and education professionals are excited to start work on this project.”

The Mayor and Orem City Council are pleased with Dr. McCarty’s willingness to assist in this project and look forward to reviewing the results of the study.

More information about the school district feasibility study can be found by clicking here. 

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