Staying Fit Together

Whether we’re a parent, teacher, community leader, or neighbor, almost all of us have kids and teens we regularly interact with.

What kind of physical activities do they enjoy doing? What could you enjoy doing together with them? What might help meet their Physical Needs for movement and physical activity?

If the answer that comes to mind is sports, that’s awesome! Sports are simple to do, and are great for a child’s health. If a kid isn’t into sports (or if you aren’t interested/able to do that kind of thing), there are plenty of other options to apply a needs-based approach.

Do your kids love scavenger hunts or taking photographs of things in nature? Do they enjoy acting out skits and scenes, or coming up and leading the class at the whiteboard? Do they always seem to want to walk around the lamp section when you visit Home Depot, or do they prefer smelling the flowers over in the gardening area? What do you see your kids doing that you happen to enjoy too?

This week, take some time to observe the kids in your life and notice what they seem excited to get up and do. Offer to join! Or, just let them know you want to spend some time with them, and let them pick the activity—so long as you can both get up and be moving together.


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