Orem Southwest Area Concepts

Greetings Orem Residents!

With social distancing measures still in place, staff has sought new avenues to connect with residents and receive feedback on important planning projects. We are hoping this webpage provides an effective platform to provide important information and receive your much-desired feedback.

Most of you will have heard about the new Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint Temple which will be built on Geneva Road. As the temple project progresses forward, the City Council requested staff to reevaluate Orem’s Southwest Area. Should the zoning remain as it is or should changes be maade to accommodate changes the future temple will bring? This is where we would like to hear your feedback! Staff has drafted a few options to help start the conversation. Several of the comments from the Lakeview & Cherry Hill Neighborhood Plan were implemented into the options you will see, but we wanted to ensure everyone had a chance to provide feedback and ask questions before proceeding forward.

As you review the following options, feel free to reference the table on the maps for clarification on what the land use abbreviations mean. If you have questions regarding what land uses are under each designation, feel free to view the Genera Plan land use section, found here

View the the concepts below, share with your neighbors and encourage them participate! Until the May 13 online meeting, feel free to contact staff with any clarifying questions or concerns your might have. You may submit comments and suggestions before the meeting via email to planning@orem.org. As you submit comments, please specify if you are commenting about a specific concept or topic. Thank you in advance for your time and participation!


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