On February 8th, the Orem City Council initiated a comprehensive feasibility study on creating an Orem School District. The consultants who conducted the study will present their findings in a series of meetings at Library Hall (see image above). All residents are invited to attend.
The consultants will first present their findings to the City Council as part of the regularly scheduled council meeting on July 12th at 6 pm (you can view the agenda for this meeting at orem.org/meetings). As with all City Council meetings, this is open to the public. It will be held in Council Chambers, but with additional chairs set up in the Council Conference Room to accommodate as many attendees as possible. It will also be live-streamed on the city YouTube channel.
As soon as the presentation to the Council that evening is finished, the study will be posted online at orem.org/schooldistrictstudy for everyone to access and review.
We’ll then host a series of meetings over the course of 3 weeks where the consultants will present their findings and answer your questions submitted ahead of time at orem.org/schooldistrictstudy. If you have questions, be sure to submit them so that the consultants can address them in the meetings. We’re asking for questions in advance to help facilitate orderly meetings.
We will be live streaming/recording each of these meetings for those that cannot attend in person. They will be available on the City of Orem YouTube channel.

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