0:00 Presentation

52:10 How would a split impact ASD’s online sch?

53:12 How are the 7 dists for the sch board created? 

53:52 Why do some schs have more or fewer specialties available? 

55:06 Can you provide an example of a single-city dist that is thriving?

55:40 Are p-values and confidence intervals included? 

56:16 Did DEC use any outside consultants? 

57:32 Why is there more information about test scores & smaller class sizes as opposed to financial findings? 

58:16 How did people contact you with questions? 

59:10 How did you calculate the finding that 1 in 6 Orem students don’t attend an ASD sch? 

1:00:01 What is the average teacher pay for teachers in other sch dists? 

1:01:01 Why does the report criticize large sch dists as inefficient but advocate for economies of scale to save money through shared services agreements? 

1:05:20 How did you calculate the start-up costs of $3-$6M for the new dist? 

1:06:16 How does the property tax & WPU work with Vineyard/Lindon? 

1:08:32 How much will it cost to bring all the impacted schs up to code? 

1:09:20 If citizens vote to split, will Orem avoid being part of the $595M ASD bond? 

1:09:48 Cost be to update the older buildings OSD would inherit from ASD? 

1:10:18 How to get ideal class sizes, better test scores, increased teacher pay? 

1:11:44 Did the study include the cost of itinerant staff? 

1:12:13 Did ASD provide documents that verified that the dist subsidizes the operations of Orem schs? 

1:12:35 Could you explain how property taxes work in relation to a sch dist? 

1:12:46 Did your financial forecasts include ASD’s annual COLA? 

1:13:52 How much would OSD pay & for how long on the ‘06 & ‘16 ASD bond? 

1:14:41 How much of the $23M overhead is for admin salaries? 

1:15:14 How can a one-city dist fund highly paid teachers, smaller class sizes, & more special programs? 

1:15:40 Cons of splitting from the ASD? 

1:18:21 Are special service agreements the only way to split from Alpine feasibly? 

1:18:31 Why was the A.L.L. sch, Orem Elementary left out of the study? 

1:18:58 Are other factors for the decreasing test scores other than teacher pay considered? 

1:19:54 Lone Peak with 70+ students class size 

1:20:18 Which sch dists along Wasatch Front did you speak to? 

1:20:39 Are you suggesting we do 10% raises & how much would this cost? 

1:22:03 Did you find that there were any Orem schs that were not having their needs met by ASD? 

1:23:24 How does the Vineyard RDA play into the study? 

1:23:28 If I want to stay with ASD will that contract be honored? 

1:25:33 Why are they so oppositional? What are they afraid of? 

1:25:54 Have you seen a balance sheet & income statement from ASD? 

1:26:41 What if you combine scns 4 & 5 to include $25M FEMA bond + $125M Orem bond, what would be the new dist taxes? 

1:27:39 If a new Orem dist passes & a ASD $595M bond passes then will Orem property taxes payers be paying of the ASD bond & if so how much? 

1:28:09 How much will seismic improvements cost? 

1:28:39 What factors are behind the teacher vs administration pay disparity? 

1:29:52 in the org chart is the sch board an independent agency or under management of the CC? 

1:31:45 Can a new sch dist compete with ASD on teacher pay & benefits? 

1:32:13 What is the benefit of leaving ASD? 

1:32:36 How can OSD make this smaller class sizes happen? 

1:33:04 Would parents have a say in the curriculum? 

1:34:04 What about I.E.P.’s? 

1:35:07 What does outsourcing mean in regards to special ed? 

1:36:38 What evidence can you cite to verify your tax findings? 

1:37:22 How much did it cost the Jordan sch dist to split? 

1:37:49 How much will it cost for the ASD to split? 

1:38:11 Does scn 6 cover the Title 1 subsidies in Orem schs? 

1:39:04 What about taxpayers? 

1:39:42 Can Orem residents pay a tax increase with a 9% inflation rate? 

1:41:09 OSD would share services in 18 categories. Would the new sch dist not have money to pay for everything? 

1:41:50 How would Orem backfill special ed $ if we lost funding? 

1:42:50 Costs of all the shared services? 

1:43:25 Data Age? 

1:44:13 Would it be better to share Orem’s seismic needs with others? 

1:45:41 Changing test types & scores? 

1:47:30 Your slides on teacher & admin pay are incorrect. 

1:47:52 Why do you imply that students at charter/private/home schs would return to an OSD? 

1:48:31 Vineyard/Lindon interest? 

1:48:55 New buildings included in the start up costs? 

1:49:31 Covering the cost to backfill classes? 

1:50:10 Your study cites other studies that are over 20 years old. Why? 

1:51:21 Could home sch children have a sch they could go to for specialized classes? 

1:52:06 When will CC & DEC meet with ASD to discuss this study as promised in Feb? 

1:53:20 Will this be put on the ballot? 

1:54:33 Why have dangers not been addressed? 

1:55:03 What data suggests test scores will improve with a smaller dist? 

1:56:04 What happens to sports programs if the dist splits? 

1:57:55 If the Jordans/Canyon split is the gold standard, why wasn’t that company involved?

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