Born 16 May 1944 in Arrey, New Mexico. His dad was a jack of all trades. A rancher, farmer, truck driver. They lived all over the South west from Texas to California, eventually ending up in Farmington New Mexico where he graduated from High School.

Roger has always worked even as a little boy. Whether it was working with his dad on the ranch, picking cotton with the Latino workers or riding in the semi’s with his dad and brothers. That was his play. He always thought he would be a truck driver or an excavation contractor. Becoming an engineer hadn’t crossed his mind.

He hadn’t planned on going to college, but when all of his friends decided to come to BYU after high school graduation, he followed along. After one year of school, he interrupted his studies to serve a two-year mission for the LDS Church to Veracruz, Mexico. On completion of his mission, he chooses to return to BYU rather than be drafted into the Vietnam war. Again, an education wasn’t his priority.


Roger ended up graduating with from BYU in May of 1970 with a 5-year degree in Civil Engineering.


During his last year at BYU, he obtained a part time job working for Aspen Engineering, and upon graduation he accepted a full-time position working for Clyde Naylor at Aspen Engineering in Orem, Utah. While there he spent his time learning the ins and outs of his profession, became one of the business partners and provided quality engineering, land planning and surveying for numerous projects through the intermountain area.


In January of 1975, he decided it was time to move on and form his own company, Dudley and Associates. From a small beginning, he was able to create a lasting and well-respected Engineering Company that has now been in existence for over 45 years. His experience has been extensive in Engineering, designing subdivisions and developments, establishing boundary control, project development, soils testing, and construction supervision for projects of varying sizes all over the state of Utah from St. George on the South to Logan on the North.


Roger has always maintained an excellent working relationship with all major municipalities and government agencies throughout the state. His mild demeanor has allowed him to enjoy a close relationship with clients and other professionals involved in similar disciplines.


Dudley and Associates first office was located in a small basement office located at 920 South State Street in Orem. He later built an office building at 1200 South and Orem boulevard. He was there for over 20 years. He then relocated to an office building on 900 South and Orem Boulevard. Eventually he relocated to his current office to 353 East 1200 South in Orem.


Much has evolved over the past 45 years. Computers were just starting to come into existence in the mid 70 when Dudley and Associates began. Surveying was done with a transit, chain and level and plum-bob and required a crew of three men to survey a project. Engineering designs were completed by numerous draftsmen and women. Reductions of these plans for the city took hours to complete for weekly submittals to the planning department. When the flat bed plotter came into existence, Roger was in heaven. One room was devoted to just the flat bed plotter. (Eventually, the plotter ended up in the city dump along with drafting tables and antiquated surveying equipment).


By the time Computers, GPS systems came into existence his business changed. He no longer needed several survey crews and very few draftsmen. He now uses the latest technology in computerized drafting and maintains databases for land use issues throughout the county. He uses two computer operators and one survey crew. Dudley and Associates has seen its share of ups and downs. In the late 70’s and beginning of the 80’s the country went into a recession creating much unemployment and loss of jobs. In order to survive, Roger headed to Vernal where there was still work. He commuted back and forth until things stabilized in the valley and he had enough work here. Then there were boom times when he couldn’t handle the volume of work that came in and hired more Engineers, Land Planners, draftsmen and surveyors. In 2008 another recession came and went with Roger having to adjust to the circumstances.


Things slowed down, but Dudley and Associates hung in. Again, when the 2020 Covid pandemic started, things temporarily slowed down, but it only lasted a couple of months and they were up and running again.


You don’t have to look far to see Dudley and Associates and Rogers Dudley’s signature on plat maps in the county for 5o years. One can’t even begin to count the number of planning commissions and city council meetings he has attended and participated in.


Roger doesn’t look to retirement anytime soon. As long as he is willing and able, he will continue working. He often says his idea of retirement is a party at noon and dropping dead on the way home.


Roger is also licensed professional engineer, in Utah, Nevada and Wyoming and is also a registered land surveyor. He has been previously honored as Utah valley chamber of commerce business of the month.


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