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General Questions

  • Will the City raise taxes to build these projects?
  • Why are the Library Hall & Fitness Center being considered on the same bond?

Family Fitness Center Questions

    • Why is the Fitness Center being rebuilt?
    • Where will I work out during the construction period?
    • What is the timeline for the new Fitness Center?

Library Hall Questions

  • Why is Orem building the Library Hall?
  • What is the timeline for the Library Hall?

Argument For the Projects

The Orem Family Fitness Center and Library Hall Bond provides a way to rebuild and expand the Family Fitness Center and add a Library Hall without increasing the current taxes of any homeowner or business .

Originally built in the 70’s, the Orem Fitness Center and Library are in immediate need of major improvements. Voting YES to pass a $24.5M bond will allow these hallmark institutions the chance to significantly improve serving 60,000+ patrons each month.

Consider these facts:

  • The cost of the rebuild and expansions will NOT increase the Orem property tax rate from the current rate. The City has saved $8M to offset the $32.5M total project cost, resulting in a total bond of $24.5M. Two road bonds are due to expire in 2018 and 2025. The expiration of these old bonds coupled with the issuance of the proposed new bond will result in no (0.0) property tax rate increase within the City from the current rate.
  • Three independent surveys show most Orem citizens consider reinvesting in the Family Fitness Center and Library Hall as top priorities. In a 2018 survey, 73% percent of 1,508 respondents expressed a positive response to the bond proposition and 90% have used the Library and/or the Fitness Center.
  • Orem voters can get a beautiful recreation center, on par with Provo and Springville, for half the price because Orem already owns the land and recently renovated the swimming pool. This cost comparison was provided independently by the architect for Provo’s and Springville’s recreation centers.
  • Substantial improvements at the Family Fitness Center and Library Hall will be family-friendly and much more flexible in meeting future demands, including:
    • Family Fitness Center: family change rooms, suspended track, community/family rental rooms, indoor playground, new building entry accessing Center Street, child watch area, open exercise area, fitness studios, rock climbing wall, racquetball courts, and more. Parking for both the Fitness Center and MVHS would increase by about 32%.
    • Library Hall: one-story addition, seating for up to 500, classroom/meeting space, and a large stage designed for multi-purpose use.
    • The Orem Library is one of the busiest libraries in Utah with over 400,000 visitors and 50,000 program attendees each year. Many of the large programs are standing-room only. The need for additional/dedicated program space is critical.
    • Only about 10% of the bond will be used to build the Library Hall, as most of the cost will be covered by private donations and CARE funds.
    • One combined bond for the Family Fitness Center and Library Hall will provide savings in both financial service fees and construction costs. The Library Hall would open the summer of 2020 and the Family Fitness Center in early 2021. The Library and the pool in the Family Fitness Center will remain open during construction.

Voting YES for this bond is an investment in Orem’s great future and families. This investment will enhance our quality of life and maintain a vibrant City for decades to come.

Stay informed at: upgradeorem.org

Tom Macdonald, Orem Councilmember
Debby Lauret, Orem Councilmember
Danny Miller, Orem Recreation Advisory Commission Chair
Ken Bonney, Orem Library Advisory Commission Chair
Jenn Gale, Orem Community Improvements Committee Chair

Argument Against the Projects

No eligible voter submitted arguments “Against” the Bond, pursuant to State Code 59-1-1604.

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