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2 weeks 5 days ago

Daily Shenanigans

-6 Warrant Arrests

-A man called about a nearly $400 fraudulent transaction on his credit card. We are looking into the video surveillance. I mean, who spends $400 on Squatty Potties and Bath Bombs anyway? #averagesquattingtimeis50sec, #weknowwhereicecreamcomesfrom, #softserve

-A man was arrested after he stole the victims IPhone.

-A man came into the library to pay some overdue fines. He didn't realize that because of said fines, he had a warrant for his arrest. (Update, he wasn't arrested and we recalled the warrant, FYI) #warrantsforoverduebooksdoexist

-Three men went into Target and heisted $1,000 worth of DVD's. Well, they got away until the long arm of the law caught up with them at home. Two of the three have been arrested and taken the pokey and the third now has a warrant out for his arrest. He knows who he is and is welcome to turn himself in. We have a room set aside for him to hang out in, if he wants! #ifyouturnyourselfinmakesureyourewearingyourownpants

Keep your rage in a cage, if it's not yours don't touch it, eat it don't tweet it, hugs not drugs and the more you weigh the harder you are to kidnap. And...... #thatsnotapocket

Orem Police Department

2 weeks 5 days ago

As part of National Night Out (NNO) 2018, we will be hosting the "Run a Crook Out of Town" 5k. The registration is free and the first 250 to register will get a T-Shirt.

NNO will be August 7th from 6PM-8PM. Stay tuned here for more details.

Here is a link to register for the race!


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Orem Police Department

2 weeks 5 days ago

Kids camp swimming party has started!

Orem Police Department

3 weeks 2 hours ago


If you took part in this year's OPD Kids Camp, the swimming party is tomorrow! Make sure that you bring your Kids Camp pamphlet to show that you got the 100 points required to attend.

Thank you to all the kids and their parents for helping us make this years camp the best one yet!

Orem Police Department

3 weeks 7 hours ago


We have a business in Orem, Tavos Motors at 330 W. 800 N. The owner is, Gustavo and he runs a auto repair shop and at times will fix up a wrecked car for re-sale.

The problem is........someone has taken over his business name, set up a website (www.blessauto.com) and a fake FB page to scam folks out of money.

We have reported the issues to FB and are working on shutting the website down. In the meantime, please do not do any business with blessauto.com or Tavor Motors online (Gustavo only does business face to face).

The fraudsters on the other end of this are getting people to send them money for cars they don't even have through wire transfer. So, if you're looking for a saweet, mint condition 2003 CitroΓ«n C3 Pluriel please don't send blessauto.com ANY money!


Orem Police Department

3 weeks 1 day ago

Busy day today.......we have a pic to see if you can figure out what we were up to. #youknowwhy Special shout out to Sean Whalen for helping us out! Stay tuned!

Orem Police Department

3 weeks 6 days ago

Thanks for the shares on Saturday! Because of you all, we found Ellie and she is at Build-a-bear with Officer Cook for her belated birthday gift!

Orem Police Department

3 weeks 6 days ago

You know here at OPD we're all about feeding the masses with knowledge and advice, like............

- Put Coconut Oil in the Pan when Cooking Kale, it makes scraping it into the trash easier.
-Ladies, if a man says that he'll fix something, he will. There's no point in telling him about it every six months.
-Marry someone who has a different favorite cereal than you so they won't eat all of yours.
-Only trust people with big butts.......they cannot lie.
-Don't try to understand women. Women understand women and they hate each other.
-Push in the sides of the tin foil package, it will keep the roll from falling out.
-To make a long story short, don't tell it.
-If you don't like the taste of eggs, just add cacao, butter, flour and bake for 30 minutes.
-If you sleep till noon, you only have to pay for two meals.

You get the point!

Well, here's a another OPD piece of advice.........Listen carefully because this is a good one!

-If you're at a business for a job interview, don't shoplift from said business while you wait.

#happened, #shedidntgetthejob, #canIputthatonaresume

Keep your rage in a cage, if it's not yours don't touch it, eat it don't tweet it, hugs not drugs and the more you weigh the harder you are to kidnap. And...... #thatsnotapocket

Orem Police Department

4 weeks 1 day ago

We've got some pretty stellar folks working in our dispatch center. Robin is one of those because she was just recently awarded the 2018 Emergency Medical Dispatcher of the Year! Here is a portion of her nomination letter......

Robin has been a strong member of our dispatch center since 2013. In addition to her regular duties as a dispatcher, she is also an excellent CTO who has helped successfully train many dispatchers. Within dispatch she also has taken on the responsibility of validating our NCIC entries, and she also serves on the training committee, the awards committee and the QA committee.

Robin has consistently scored 100 percent on her medical call evaluations for over a year. This is quite remarkable, since getting a perfect score can be very difficult, depending on the caller and the circumstances of the emergency. Yet Robin continues to do so. Many of our dispatchers occasionally and even regularly achieve a perfect score on their medical calls; however no one has done it every time for many months.

Robin is truly a compassionate person and that is evident in her call taking skills. She is also detail oriented and takes great pride in doing things well. She is always seeking to improve the quality of our work and the morale in our center. She sets a good example for new trainees by emphasizing the importance of being thorough in all aspects of the job, especially on medical calls. Robin is dedicated to her colleagues, her profession, the officers and medics she works with, and the public she serves. We are proud to nominate her for this honor.

Congrats Robin! Sweet pic by the way......the shark really adds to it, don't you think? #sheskindofabigdeal