Neighborhood Preservation Unit (NPU)

The Neighborhood Preservation Unit (NPU) enforces criminal code, and city nuisance codes, concentrating on drug/party houses, graffiti, alcohol compliance, illegal businesses,  abandoned vehicles, illegal apartments rentals, transient camps, junky yards, and public health issues. The NPU division works closely alongside all other City zoning enforcement teams and administrative divisions to resolve code and criminal violations.

NPU officers drive pickup trucks which are marked with the department logo and equipped with overhead lights and sirens.

NPU officers serve search warrants on known party, drug houses, and business involved in gambling machines and other criminal related incidents to arrest criminals and stop illegal activity. They work closely with State agencies and property owners to resolve the violations.

Our Philosophy

The City’s and the Police NPU Division policy, is to achieve voluntary compliance with reported and discovered code/criminal violations. However, not all violations have the same degree of severity. As such, the NPU division of the police department has established priority ranking and procedures. The intent is to allow the level of enforcement that best fits the type and circumstances of the code/criminal violation(s) within clear and objective criteria, consistent with the established priorities, and maximize available resources.

Neighborhood Preservation Unit’s Priorities

It is the NPU’s policy to investigate and attempt to resolve all reported and discovered code/criminal violations. There may be times when code/criminal violations cannot be given the same level of attention, or when the NPU may be unable to carry out proactive enforcement measures. In such circumstance the most serious violations will be addressed before the less serious violations, regardless of the order in which the complaints are received.

All police records are subject to GRAMA.

Report a Problem 801.229.7070

Pay a Citation

NPU Team

Sgt. E Ahlborn  801.229.7321

Det. Steve Norman  801.229.7258

Det. Brady Andreason  801.229.7187

Civilian Enforcement G. Smit 801.229.7084


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