This page highlights community resources that help to create beautiful and sustainable homes and neighborhoods. See our Resident Resources webpage for an extended list of resources to find help with food, unemployment, healthcare, and more.

Conservation & Sustainability

  • Your Air Your Utah is a website full of information on how to reduce emissions and create cleaner air. The website is filled with information for individuals & families, businesses & organizations, and local governments.

  • Smart Controller RebateReceive up to $75 when you purchase an eligible WaterSense-labeled smart controller. Smart controllers reduce water waste by adjusting how a landscape is watered based on local conditions.

  • Toilet Replacement Rebate: Receive up to $100 when you replace your old toilet with a WaterSense-labeled toilet! Because toilets manufactured before 1994 use more water per flush, replacing them is an easy way to conserve water.

  • Park Strip Lawn Removal Rebate: Receive $1 per square foot for replacing the lawn in your park strip with a water-efficient design, or $1.25 per square foot if you also attend a free park strip class.

  • Free landscaping classes for adults and youth. The Central Utah Water Conservancy District offers Landscaping classes cover growing fruits and vegetables, sprinkler classes, planting bed design classes, and much more.

  • Wood or coal-burning stove conversion could be free. Find out how the state of Utah could pay for you to replace your old heater with either natural gas, propane, or electric central heating system.


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