Neighborhood Plans

Sunset Heights East & West and Lakeview & Cherry Hill Neighborhood Plans


Below you will find the Drafts for the Plans: 
Staff is in the process of finalizing the plans, in preparation for City Council meeting. 
You can submit comments to

Neighborhood Meeting

The City of Orem Planning Division held a Neighborhood Meeting on Tuesday, June 23, 2020 at 6:00 pm to finalize the Neighborhood Plans for the Sunset Heights East & West and Lakeview & Cherry Hill Neighborhoods. During the meeting we reviewed the objective of the plan and the goals that were formed through the series of meetings that were held with the advisory committee. 

This was held over Zoom. Click below to view the Neighborhood Meeting recording.

The Plans will be presented next to the City Council on August 11th.


What is a neighborhood plan?

A few years ago, Orem City decided to develop more specific neighborhood plans. The City’s neighborhoods were organized into 9 groups. The Sunset Heights East & West; Lakeview & Cherry Hill plans are the last plans to be developed. This process began in October 2019, and due to the Coronavirus, is now finishing up.

Each plan has been developed under the direction of city staff, will be in harmony with the City’s general plan, and will rely on representative participation from residents and businesses located in the neighborhoods

What is the main purpose of the plan?

While the neighborhood plan will provide a lot of helpful information about the neighborhoods, the primary purpose is to communicate the major goals, objectives, and concerns of the neighborhood to city leaders—both elected officials and staff. That way, when leaders are making a decision which affects a particular neighborhood in Orem, they will have a plan to refer to that provides a representative vision of what the neighborhood wants.


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