Mt.Timpanogos Park

Nestled in the beauty of Provo Canyon, Mt. Timpanogos Park was originally built to hold the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival. Now, this beautiful park is great for hiking, walking, and picnicking with friends and family.


Park Amenities

12 Acres


Walking Trail – 1.27 miles

Connects to several hiking trails

Home of the Orem Dog Park

Home of the Orem Bike Skills Trails Park (beginner, intermediate, and advanced-level mountain biking trails and features)

1 large pavilion (Seats 120)

6 small pavilions (Seats 24-40)
(pavilion map here)

For Pavilion Rentals please click the button below (please read through our policy/agreement form)


The Hosting Center is a delta-shaped facility with both the east and west wings being identical. Amenities for each wing include a 24’x48’ cement floor, water access in the middle of wings, shelving and cupboards in the middle area, 8 garage doors in each wing, and access to electrical outlets and overhead lights.

There are no tables or chairs available at the Hosting Center.

For details about reservations click below.


Please contact Shelby Peck at for more information on renting the hosting 

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