Mt.Timpanogos Park

Nestled in the beauty of Provo Canyon, Mt. Timpanogos Park was originally built to hold the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival. Now, this beautiful park is great for hiking, walking, and picnicking with friends and family.


Park Amenities

12 Acres


Walking Trail – 1.27 miles

Connects to several hiking trails

Home of the Orem Dog Park

Home of the Orem Bike Skills Trails Park (beginner, intermediate, and advanced-level mountain biking trails and features)

1 large pavilion (Seats 120)

6 small pavilions (Seats 24-40)
(pavilion map here)

For Pavilion Rentals please click the button below (please read through our policy/agreement form)



The Hosting Center is a delta-shaped facility with both the east and west wings being identical. Amenities for each wing include a 24’x48’ cement floor, water access in the middle of wings, shelving and cupboards in the middle area, 8 garage doors in each wing, and access to electrical outlets and overhead lights.

Things to Note Before You Request!

We have a no amplified noise policy.


What does this mean?
Any party that will have amplified noise will be asked to close all garage doors or rent out the entire park.
This is mainly due to disturbing patrons that are using the park at the time.

 We currently do not have any tables and chairs at the Hosting Center. We ask that you reach out to a third party vendor who can helps with this. 

The capacity of the Hosting Center can fit around 300 people. 

This is without tables and chairs.

Since this building is a government owned facility, we do not have any onsite staff that can walk you through it. 

If you do want to request a tour (serious inquires only) and pay the small fee of $15.00

We have a keypad system that can give 30 minute access for you and your party to see if the Hosting Center would be a good fit for you. 

These tours will only be available:

Now-End of September 2023

Orem Residents- February 1st -September 30th 2024

Non-Orem Residents-March 1st -September 30th 2024

Tours are not required, but encouraged. 

Click here to schedule a tour!

Hosting Center Tours

We are now accepting Hosting Center Tours for our next season! Please fill out the form below if you would like to schedule a quick tour to see if the Hosting Center is right for your occasion! 

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