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Mero the Mammoth (Orem’s first resident) has taken a closer look at the City Council meeting agenda and has offered to fill you in on what’s happening.

The official published agendas can be found here:

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November 9, 2022


  • Update – 1600 North Project
    • The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) is now engaged in the environmental part of the process.
  • Discussion – Campus Drive parking permit
  • Update – Transportation Master Plan
  • Discussion – Mayor Pro-Tem, January-July 2023
    • The Council Members rotate through the six-month assignment of serving as the Mayor Pro-Tem, so someone is designated to fill in for the Mayor when he is unavailable.
  • Discussion – 2023 City Council Meeting Schedule
    • The City is required to approve and publish the City Council meeting dates for the upcoming year.
  • Discussion – 2022 General Election Canvass
    • Because the City of Orem has a proposition on the ballot, the City Council will need to hold a Board of Canvassers meeting on November 22 to certify the election results. The City Recorder is reviewing the logistics of the meeting since it will be held electronically.


Mayor’s Report/Items Referred by Council
Items of interest, but not needing a vote.

  • Recognition – “Lives Saved” Orem Fire Department and Timpanogos Hospital
    • Timpanogos Hospital is recognizing the efforts of the Orem Fire Department.
  • Annual Report – Metropolitan Water District

Scheduled Items

  • Public Hearing/Ordinance – Enacting Section 22-11-64 PD51 (River District – 720 North 1550 East) zone, and Appendix “YY” of the Orem City Code, and amending Article 22-5-3(A) and the zoning map of the City of Orem by changing the zone of 3.15 acres from the Business Park (BP) zone to the PD51 zone at approximately 720 North 1550 East.
    • The applicant is proposing this rezone in order to build a planned development of attached residential dwelling units, consistent with the property to the south, which is located in Provo City boundaries. The Planning Commission sent a neutral recommendation. This was continued from the October 25 City Council meeting.
    • There will be 25 units in the residential portion of the new development. The townhouse-style units will be two or three stories high. This is the area being rezoned to PD51. The area to the north will remain in the Business Park zone. There will be a private street that each of the units will access.
  • Public Hearing/Ordinance – Amending a portion of Appendix A of the Orem City Code by amending the Standard Land Use (SLU) Code 5811 Fast Food and making such use permitted in the Business Park (BP) zone; and amending Section 22-9-8(1) Miscellaneous Regulations for Manufacturing and Research and Development Zones to allow fast food restaurants with a drive-thru; and to make architectural standards consistent throughout the west side development project area in the Business Park (BP) zone located at approximately 800 North and University Avenue.
    • The applicant is proposing changes to the Business Park zone to allow consistent development throughout each project area west of the Provo River. Current language would require all development west of the river to be consistent with the existing office building located on site. This also proposed a change to SLU Code 5811 to allow restaurants with a drive-thru in the BP zone. The Planning Commission recommends approval. This was continued from the October 25 City Council meeting.

Here are the parts of the agenda that generally stay the same:

  • Work session – a less formal venue for presentations, updates, and policy discussions among Council Members 
  • Informal break to eat dinner
  • Agenda review and preview of upcoming agenda items – The Mayor leads the City Council through a review of the items on that evening’s agenda.
  • City Council Reports – This is an opportunity for members of the City Council to share information from boards and commissions and raise any issues of concern. The report is assigned to a different Councilmember at each meeting.
  • Personal Appearances – Also known as “Public Comment,” this is the time set aside for the public to express their ideas, concerns, and comments on items not scheduled as public hearings on the current agenda. Comments should focus on issues concerning the city. Those wishing to speak will need to have signed in prior to the beginning of the meeting. Each speaker is limited to 3 minutes. When there are a large number of people wishing to speak, additional guidelines may apply.
  • Consent Items – Items that are routine and don’t require additional discussion are placed on the consent agenda. Councilmembers will vote on these items together, instead of separately.
  • Scheduled Items – Items the Council may wish to discuss, are open for public comment, or include a presentation.
  • Communication Items – These are items received by the Mayor, Councilmembers, or City Manager which are intended for the entire Council. Action or discussion is optional.
  • City Manager Information Items This is an opportunity for the City Manager to provide information to the City Council. No action is required.

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