That was a quick summer!  Welcome to Fall!  It’s my favorite time of year.

This year has been busy, and Orem City has a lot going on.  I’m sure you’ve seen our trucks busy throughout the city.

Let me take a minute to update you on three significant projects:

The new City Hall building plans will soon be presented to the City Council. The new structure will have three levels with approximately 60,000 square feet of space.  We want to make sure the design accommodates our future needs and preserves the functionality of our existing buildings. 

This project is crucial  since our current City building is not earthquake-proof.

The design team is currently meeting with various city departments to understand the public access and workflow needs. Construction will begin in March 2023, with a projected completion date of August 2024.

Next on the list, The Hillcrest Park project will begin construction soon. Orem’s Public Works Department is currently busy removing fences, asphalt, concrete, and outbuildings. The park should be completed by next fall.  

There will be some great amenities. They include pickleball courts, fitness stations, game tables, a hammock park, a community fire pit, and even a splash pad. This will be an amazing park for Orem residents of all ages! 

Next is the Heritage Park Water Tank Project.  This includes the construction of a 900 foot deep well and a 10 million gallon water tank. 

Most importantly, this water tank will double Orem’s water storage capacity.  This type of planning is especially important during these drought’s we’ve been experiencing.  

The tank will be buried underground, and the final design features a walking path, decorative gravel landscaping, and even a spot reserved for one of Orem’s historic cabins.  This project is expected to be completed in Spring 2025.

On another positive note.  Orem is very well managed and all three of these major projects are budgeted for and will not require any additional taxes. Very few cities can say that.

Last but not least, this fall, in November, Orem residents will have a chance for the first time ever, to vote on whether or not to create a separate Orem school district. I encourage you to participate in the upcoming election by registering to vote, studying and learning about the issues, and ultimately making the decision that will be the best for your you, and the children of Orem.  

See you next month!

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