Fire Prevention

Our Fire Prevention Division is managed by a Fire Marshal, who is supported by two certified Fire Inspectors. The Division is responsible for plan reviews, permits, inspections and arson investigation.

The Division conducts over 1100 business inspections and nearly 600 plan reviews annually. Our Fire Inspectors have geographical responsibilities in the City of Orem and Lindon City, with oversight by the Fire Marshal.

Public education is a primary responsibility of the Division, and is supported by our Operations Division. Our Fire Inspectors conduct over 6300 public education contacts annually. They utilize a specially designed community education center to educate children about fire danger in the home and fire safety.


To Schedule an Business Inspection

Business Address North of Orem Center Street

Kerry McClellan 801-229-7326


Business Address South of Orem Center Street

Russ Sneddon 801-229-7324