Fire Department FAQ's

Do you have a question for the Fire Department? Email Chief Peterson at

When is the annual Fire Department Open House held?

The open house is held each October, in conjunction with Fire Prevention Week. It will be held at Fire Station #3 on October 12th, 2016.

Do you teach CPR courses?

We do not offer CPR certification courses. We encourage those needing this training to contact the American Red Cross.

Can I have a fire in my backyard?

Yes, recreational fires are permitted year round, although there are rules that must be followed.

  1. The fire must be at least 25 feet from any structure or combustible material
  2. The fire pit should not exceed 3 feet in diameter
  3. There must be a mean of extinguishment present, such as a garden hose
  4. If the fire becomes a nuisance and/or the fire department is contacted, the fire must be extinguished
  5. The fire must be constantly monitored by an adult
  6. The property owner is responsible for any damage that results from the use of a recreational fire
  7. The fire must be completely extinguished and not allowed to smolder after use.
  8. Trash, yard waste, hazardous items, building materials may not be burned.

Are citizens allowed to ride along with firefighters?

We do allow Orem residents to ride along with our firefighters. Ride along participants must be 18 years of age. Please contact Harriet Jorgensen @ 801-229-7327 for additional details and scheduling.

Do you provide tours of the fire stations?

We offer fire station tours and/or public relations events with our firefighters at your location, although we do not participate in PR events for commercial or financial purposes. Station tours and PR events are normally 30-45 minutes long.

Station tours and PR events are scheduled for Tuesdays & Thursdays. If you have a special request requiring another day, please contact Harriet Jorgensen @ 801-229-7327.

Please keep in mind that our priority is emergency response and even with scheduled events, the possibility exists that our firefighters will be needed for an emergency response. If our firefighters are not at the station, or your event, when scheduled, please contact our non-emergency dispatch at 801-229-7070.

When is the Open Burn Window and what are the regulations?

The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has issued new rules for open burning for the 2015 burn season.

Open burning is regulated by the Division of Air Quality (DAQ). There are statewide rules in place that regulate open burning activities to help minimize emissions and ensure that the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) are met. Recent modifications to these rules change the open burn periods and include a statewide requirement to obtain a permit from the local fire department prior to burning.

Applicants that live in The City of Orem are required to complete the open burn permit application on the DAQ Website or here is the direct link to the form. After the application is completed and submitted, a copy of the application will be sent electronically to the Orem Fire Department, now the permit is valid.

Residential burn season for The City of Orem starts on March 30 and ends on May 30 and in the fall beginning September 15 thru October 30.


  1. Farmers have no changes.


  1. Spring Open Burn window is March 30 to May 30th.


  1. Fall Open Burn window is September 15 to October 30th.


  1. Anyone wanting a permit needs to go to  and apply for a permit from the DAQ. (it will then be forwarded to us)


  1. Clearing index must be at least 500 to burn   (permit holder must check on the day the permit is for, if its below 500 the permit is void)


  1.  It is no longer legal for anyone to burn anything related to property development, even trees and brush.


  1. No one is allowed to burn trash, dimensional lumber, tires etc.