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Engineering Contact Information

Name Position Phone Number Email
Sam Kelly City Engineer 801.229.7328
Cliff Peterson Private Development Engineer 801.229.7198
Paul Goodrich Transportation Engineer 801.229.7320

Local & Regional Projects

 Street Resurfacing

Streets programmed to be resurfaced in Orem

Center Street  –  980 West to State Street 

400 South  –  116 East to 400 East and 800 East to Carterville Road

1200 North  –  800 East to 1000 East and 1050 East to 1170 East

1170 East  –  1200 North to 1040 North

1040 North  –  1170 East to 1240 East

1240 East  –  1040 North to 850 North

2000 North  –  250 West to 80 East


Right Turn Lanes

Construction of Right Turn Lanes

400 South eastbound approaching State Street

Center Street eastbound approaching 400 West


University Parkway Widening

Widen for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and several intersection improvements (Provo-Orem Transportation Improvement Project)


800 North Improvements

Widen the south side of 800 North from 1100 East to Palisade Drive.

Add a right turn lane on westbound 800 North at 1100 East.


1600 North widening at 400 West

Reconfigure the 400 West Intersection.