With rising concerns associated with COVID-19, many in the community have made changes to everyday routines and schedules.  The City and its operations are no different than what you may be experiencing in your own homes and businesses.

We wish to reassure you that the City and its staff continue to work for your benefit during this unmatched period in our history.  Together, working as friends and neighbors, we believe we can shoulder the challenges ahead by helping each other along the way.  We extend appreciation to many in our community who are extending a hand of service and assistance to those in need.  For you, we offer our heartfelt thanks and we extend an invitation to all in Orem to lend a hand and to lift each other up especially now. 

As your local government, we also wish to emphasize that the great services you received prior to this current situation continue to be available to you today as a resident of Orem, including the following:

Public Safety Services. Our trained and dedicated first responders, police officers and firefighter/paramedics remain on the job 24/7 and are ready to respond to your needs with the help of the city’s 911 emergency dispatchers. Access to the public safety building and the various fire stations has been restricted to help protect first responders from the virus. 

Utility Services. The City continues to provide clean and safe drinking water void of any contaminants tied to COVID-19.  You can continue to drink, cook, and bathe with the assurance that Orem’s water is safe.  All other City infrastructure is secure and continues to operate without limitation as a result of COVID-19 or this morning’s earthquake.

Parks. While care should be exercised in an around park structures that may be subject to COVID-19, you are welcome and encouraged to practice “social distancing” with a walk or other activities in one of the City’s parks. Playgrounds and other park amenities have been closed according to Gov. Herbert’s directive. 

Garbage Collection. In partnership with the City’s contracted private partner, Waste Management of Utah, garbage collection services continue, including the pickup of solid waste, recycling and green waste containers. In addition, the City plans to continue with its scheduled community-wide spring clean-up program beginning March 30.

Senior Meal Service. Senior citizens continue to have access to healthy meals through the Mountainland Association of Governments (MAG) by calling 801-229-3804. 

Building Permits and Development. You can continue to contact the City’s Development Services team about building permits, inspections, plan checks, zoning questions and other development needs.  Contact can be made via or telephone at 311 or 801-229-7068.

Orem Public Library. Physical access to the library has been closed in the short term, but residents can still access a variety of online resources, including e-books and e-audio resources by way of the library’s website,

Public Meetings. Citizen engagement is an important part of local government decision making.  To that end, the City has online tools, including public comment resources, available to all residents for all public meetings at

Other City Resources. While the doors are locked on a number of City facilities, please know that staff is on hand in every City department to meet your needs.  A call to 311 or 801-229-7000 or even a chat via org can open the City’s “virtual front door” to what you need as related to the City and its many services and programs.

These measures will remain in place until April 30, 2020. This is a fluid situation and will be continually examined and reevaluated as circumstances change and more information becomes available. 

The City of Orem has a professional and full-time emergency manager who is closely monitoring the situation for the city and working closely with the local, country, state, and federal agencies directly tasked with managing this outbreak and keeping the public informed. The State of Utah has created a comprehensive, up-to-date website with all of the latest information necessary to best protect yourselves and your families.

Information Resources:

• Utah Coronavirus Task Force on Twitter – @UtahCoronavirus Suggestions:


• Wash your hands, cover your mouth if you cough/sneeze, and avoid touching your face.

• Use an elbow bump or fist bump, in place of shaking hands.

• Stay up-to-date on accurate information.

• Stay at home if you are sick and showing signs of CoronaVirus symptoms.

• Register for Emergency Alerts at and

• Download the “Utah County Ready” app on IOS or Android for personal and family preparedness.

Drinking Water Protection Against COVID-19

State officials say there is no need to stock up on surplus bottled water due to Coronavirus.

The Utah Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) wants residents to know that their public water supply is safe. In the case of quarantine or outbreak related to the coronavirus, public drinking water systems are designed to continuously deliver safe drinking water to your tap.

“Drinking water treatment and disinfection has effectively protected Utah’s population for many decades. These protections will safeguard residents against drinking-water-borne viral infections—including coronavirus,” says Marie Owens, Director of DEQ’s Division of Drinking Water. “There is no need for residents to stock up on surplus bottled water in preparation for a potential outbreak of coronavirus.”