On August 22nd, Mayor Dave Young, with the full and unanimous support of the council, proclaimed September as “Constitution Month” in the City of Orem.

This is a time when we come together to celebrate the fundamental document that has been the bedrock of our nation for over two centuries.

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Why I Love America

The City of Orem is partnering with Why I Love America to help  celebrate the U.S. Constitution. They offer a treasure trove of ideas and materials to help you and your family learn more about our Constitution and its significance.

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Constitution Month Essay Contest

500 words or less on this prompt: How the U.S. Constitution Shapes My American Experience: Reflect on the ways in which the principles and rights outlined in the Constitution impact your life, your community, and your vision for the future of America. Cash prizes! Due Sept. 17th

Constitution Month Art Contest

Express your love for America through art by joining the art contest. Use the constitution, the American founders, or anything you love about this country as inspiration. Any visual style of art is acceptable. Just submit a picture of it. Cash prizes! Due Sept. 17th

FREE Why I Love America Books for Kids & Families

We have free copies of the excellent "Why I Love America" booklets available in the Orem Public Library. The book is great for teaching young people about the importance and brilliance of our Constitution and instill a love for our country.