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Due to growing concerns in the movement of the Coronavirus, the City of Orem’s public meetings will be held electronically. In order to minimize holding group meetings, we ask that if you have a general “public comment” or a comment regarding a “public hearing” item on the agenda, you provide those comments electronically. Please use the chatbox on this page to submit your comments.  

Comments will be read into the record during the live meeting. You can view the live meeting on

There are now two ways to submit your comment for electronic public meetings. These comments are made at the beginning of the meeting during “Personal Appearances” or during an agenda item that is listed as a “Public Hearing”.

1. Written Comment – Written comments can be submitted using the comment portal below. You are welcome and encouraged to submit your comment well in advance of the meeting. If you have not submitted your comments ahead of time (especially if this is an item that the City Council will vote on during the current meeting) and would like to ensure that your feelings are expressed during the meeting, please use the “Call-in Comment” option.

Written comments received before or during the public hearing for an item will be read out loud by a staff member during the meeting. The time limit for public comments is three minutes. If an entire comment cannot be read in the three minute period, the staff member will stop reading the comment after three minutes and the remainder of the comment will not be read, but will be attached to the minutes of the meeting.

Comments received after the public hearing for a scheduled item has been closed will be attached to the minutes.

2. Call-in Comment (City Council Meeting Only) – You can call-in and make a live comment during an electronic meeting. This is strongly encouraged for those that have not submitted a comment ahead of time and are addressing an issue that is being decided during the current meeting. This type of comment will require you to follow along in the meeting so you know when to call in. To watch the meeting, please visit and click on “View Event” which will appear next to an active meeting.

To call into a meeting, please follow the following steps:

  1. Text your full name to (801) 515-3794.
  2. Briefly tell us which agenda item you would like to call in about. 
  3. We’ll text back with the call-in number.
  4. Call the provided number and we’ll bring you into the meeting when it’s your turn to speak.  


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