Lower Cemetery Construction Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I see construction activity in the big field below the City cemetery?

It’s time to expand. The Upper Cemetery is reaching capacity. Only 4% of the graves remain available to purchase.

When were plans made to expand the cemetery?

Plans to expand to the Lower Cemetery were originally developed in June, 1995 and refined in January, 2018. Read the brief history below.

A brief history of the Orem City Cemetery:

In 1941, a group of Orem citizens foresaw the need for a city cemetery. Originally, this group purchased over 100 acres of land in northeast Orem, known as the Shay property. Their intent was to develop this property as the City Cemetery.

In March 1943, the City’s administration approved plans for the development of the cemetery. However, cemetery lands had been sold off or used for unintended purposes despite these plans. In the mid 1970’s and early 1980’s, the Central Utah Water Conservancy District purchased approximately 52 acres of this land for the construction of the water treatment plant. This treatment plant now sits on the hillside above the current cemetery. Also, since 1943, other parcels of land were gradually sold off to private individuals, or were developed to support other City services and operations.

In April 1993, a City Cemetery Master Plan was developed outlining the future of the cemetery. The question at that time was, “Is it the City’s responsibility to provide a place for individuals to be buried or is this a service left up to private individuals or businesses?” At a City Council Meeting, held on April 6, 1993 , the City Council decided the city should provide its citizens a place in which to be buried and authorized staff to begin the process of acquiring land south of the existing cemetery for future expansion.

By early 1995, all Lower Cemetery properties had been purchased by the City, yet some of these properties had residents leasing the property until early 1996. City Council meetings were held on June 13 and 27, 1995, that discussed design options for the Lower Cemetery. On June 27, 1995, the City Council, by resolution, adopted the final expansion design of this property.

This expansion included all property south of the Murdock Canal bordered by 1200 North along the south, 800 East on the west, the Murdock Canal along the north, and the subdivision to the east. It incorporated an additional 18+ acres of land for future cemetery service. The land has been used for recreation including soccer practices and games until recently when it was closed to prepare for cemetery expansion, which should occur in July, 2019.

What will the lower cemetery look like?

Click this link to view an image of the layout.

Where can I play soccer or similar sports?

Palisade Park, located at 1240 East 850 North, is just a mile away and has a large open area to play soccer and other sports.

Can I walk my dog?

No animals are allowed at the cemetery (City Code: 8-1-20), so walking your dog at the cemetery, even with a leash, is not allowed.

Can I fly my RC airplane?

Not after the lower cemetery is opened. That activity is considered not conducive to a respectful cemetery setting.

Can I have sod from the road construction area?

No. Sod is being used in to repair winter damage throughout the cemetery and other areas in the city.