Where can I get a building permit?

We accept online submittal for building permits.  Information about registering to do that can be found by clicking here.

Please review the building information that can be found on our Building Safety website by clicking here.

You also can come into the Development Services office at 56 North State Street. We would be happy to answer any additional questions and get you taken care of as it relates to permits.

Reporting Fraudulent Businesses

For complaints including misrepresentation of a product or service, email/mail/telephone soliciations, advertising, price discrimination, unfair business practices, pyramid schemes, and other shady business practices, contact:

Utah Department of Commerce Division of Consumer Protection
160 E 300 S
P.O. Box 146704 | Salt Lake City, UT | 84114-6704
801-530-6601 | www.dcp.utah.gov

You can also contact the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Better Business Bureau
5673 S. Redwood Road
Salt Lake City, UT 84123 | 801-892-6009 | 800-456-3907

When will I need to get a new Orem business license?

If your business moves from one location to another within the City of Orem, it will be necessary to complete a change of location form. This may require a new building and/or fire inspection.  Change of Location Form

If your business changes ownership, it will be necessary to close your business license and apply as a new business under the new ownership.

If your business changes its name, it will be necessary to complete a business name change form. 

Making changes to your business will require your business to update those changes with the State of Utah.  This can be done at their web site: osbr.utah.gov

How to Get a Business License

(1) Register your Business
Start by registering your business name with the State of Utah.
This can be done at their web site: osbr.utah.gov

(2) Health Certificate: If the nature
of your business is any of the following, you will need to contact the Utah
County Health Department to complete all of their requirements.

  • Any business that
    serves and/or makes food or handles unpackaged foods in any way
  • Pools or spas that
    will have public access
  • Tattooing or piercing
  • Tanning beds open to
    the public
  • Underground storage of
    gas for public access
  • Used oil collection

You must complete this step before an Orem
City business license can be issued
The Health Department can be
reached at 151 South University Avenue, Provo, 801-851-7000 or

(3) Fill out an Application: If your business will be in your home, complete the “Home Occupation Business License Online Application”. If your business will have an office or commercial location, complete the “Commercial Business License Online Application.

(4) Verification of Applicant: we require a
photocopy of the owner’s current driver’s license or another current photo ID
if you do not have a driver’s license.

(5) Other Requirements: Specific types of business may have additional requirements. Call 801-229-7000 for details.


When UTOPIA first started in 2002, 11 cities, known as the “pledging” cities, bonded $185 million for construction costs using sales tax pledges as collateral to secure the bond. Unfortunately, due to several factors, UTOPIA is unable to cover the debt service on the bond and is relying on the pledging cities’ sales tax. The City of Orem has received funds from UTOPIA’s sister agency, Utah Infrastructure Agency (UIA) for the past 3 years. The funds received have covered all increases in Orem’s sales tax pledge since 2017. As network subscriber growth continues to increase, UTOPIA/UIA intends to begin contributing towards this debt.

UTOPIA Fiber Build Out

If UTOPIA expansion is underway in your neighborhood, you should receive a door hanger letting you know when work will begin. If you have questions or concerns with the work being done on your property, please contact the UTOPIA project manager Landon Beatty at 801.260.0988 or landon@bjacksonconstruction.com .

You can learn more about UTOPIA by clicking here.

UTOPIA Fiber continues to move forward with great success. Existing revenue is covering all UTOPIA operating expenses. UTOPIA’s sister company, Utah Infrastructure Agency (UIA), is growing rapidly and generating significant revenue which is being used to expand the network. As UIA continues to grow, Orem City can expect completion of its city-wide network in the next few years. In addition, revenue from UIA will begin reducing the City’s annual sales tax pledge.

Since June 2019, they have made over 3,000 more homes available and by the end of the year will have an additional 2,200 more homes able to sign up for service. They have all remaining areas of Orem scheduled to be built out by the end of 2022. For information on build-out timelines and maps of availability, visit www.utopiafiber.com/buildout-timelines.

Get UTOPIA Fiber

You can check for service by calling UTOPIA directly at 801.613.3880 or going to the UTOPIA website at  utopiafiber.com. On the UTOPIA webpage select  the “residential” tab, choose “sign up”, complete and submit your address information. You can also use the live chat feature on the UTOPIA webpage during regular business hours. Simply click in the bottom right corner of the webpage.

Where is UTOPIA coming to in Orem in 2020-2021? You can see a map of the UTOPIA build out for 2020-2021 by going to the UTOPIA webpage at Utopiafiber.com. Hover over “Cities” in the top of the page, click on “availability maps” and click on “Orem.” You can also hover over “Cities” and click on “Build out Timelines” and scroll down to Orem. You can match the foot print numbers from different areas in Orem to the availability map to find the estimated completion time.