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Go the extra mile by planting native vegetation to encourage a healthy, wild-life friendly environment with your own yard.

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Find lots of ideas and inspiration for your own yard by looking through Garden Design’s extensive gallery of landscapes, flowers, and more.

Utah Water Savers

Learn about what you can do in your yard and garden to keep your lot beautiful while doing your best to conserve water.

Daily Herald Home and Garden

The Daily Herald regularly publishes new articles about plant care, disease prevention, watering tips, and more.

Orem Neighborhood Partnership Initiative

The previous Neighborhoods in Action Program is now known as the Neighborhood Partnership Initiative! Here are some of the changes that have been made to the program:

  • The previous 22 neighborhoods have been combined into nine. These neighborhoods are based on the Development Services neighborhood planning groups and will be used for planning and communication purposes only. To view the neighborhood map- click here. 
  • The Orem Neighborhood Commission was created with one Commission member representing one of the nine neighborhood districts. The Commission members will advise city leaders and management on neighborhood-related issues, help determine neighborhood plan priorities and projects, and be another positive information resource for Orem residents. Commission members include:

    Margaret Black  District 1 (Canyon View, Orchard, Cascade) 

    Reed Farnsworth District 2 (Orem North, Sharon Park)  

    David Moulton  District 3 (Northridge, Heatheridge, Windsor)

    Karen McCandless District 4 (Aspen, Timpview)  

    Jayna Bauer District 5 (Geneva Heights, Suncrest, Orem Park)

    Sunday Meservy District 6 (Orem, Sharon, Hillcrest)

    Angela Cottrell District 7 (Stonewood, Lakeridge) 

    Murray Low District 8 (Sunset Heights East and West)

    Mark Seastrand District 9 (Lakeview, Cherry Hill)

    Brent Sumner City Council Representative 

    Jeff Lambson City Council Representative

  • Communication to neighborhood residents will be done through targeted emails, mailings, social media, utility bills, newsletters, schools, and the utilization of a network of community leaders that are connected with the people of a given neighborhood or area.

To reach your Orem Neighborhood Commission Representative or for any questions or concerns you have about the neighborhood partnership initiative program or Orem neighborhoods in general, please email   

Everyday Strong Webinar for Parents: Build Resilient Kids

United Way of Utah County is offering a free, live webinar training to help you know how you can support children who are struggling with anxiety, depression, or otherwise build resilience in any child you care about. Visit to sign up.

What’s included in a resilience training webinar?

1. Hour-long training with an EveryDay Strong facilitator based on your schedule.

Rather than having to come to a physical presentation, our interactive webinar presentations come to you in your own home. You can choose the date and time that fits you best.

2. Learn and discuss with other community members.

EveryDay Strong believes the solution is not just in parents, but in the community. You will have the unique opportunity to discuss with other community members and learn together.

3. In-depth explanation of safety, connection, and confidence.

We’ll give you concrete steps you can start today to help a struggling child, using real-life examples. All our content and suggestions were crafted by local therapists from Wasatch Mental Health, Intermountain Healthcare, and others.

What you’ll need:

  • a microphone or headset (some way for us to hear you)
  • speakers (so you can hear us)
  • ideally a webcam (not required)

How to Get Involved!

There are many ways to get involved and help improve your neighborhood and community! Some of the ways you can become involved include the following:

  • Stay informed by signing up for the Orem newsletter.
  • Serve on a city board or commission. This is a great way to give back to the community and be intimately involved with what happens in Orem. Click here to apply.
  • Participate in the neighborhood planning process. To find out more about neighborhood planning, contact City of Orem Long-Range Planner, Grant Allen, at
  • Read and understand your neighborhood plan. Neighborhood plans can be found here.
  • Provide feedback about your neighborhood by completing neighborhood surveys.
  • Nominate your neighbor for a beautification award by messaging the Orem City Beautification Commission on Facebook.
  • Attend neighborhood leader meetings, workshops, events, and activities. For a calendar of these events, click here.
  • Maintain your home and property to a community standard. To better understand the community standard definition, click here for English and here for Spanish.
  • Show your appreciation to your neighbor for cleaning up their property by nominating them for a Property All-Star Award HERE.
  • Make a difference in the City! City volunteer opportunities can be found HERE.
  • Volunteer to make your community better! Check out and/or for a list of volunteer opportunities throughout Orem and Utah County. 
  • Be a good neighbor!

Do you want to view City Council or Planning Commission agendas & Meetings? View them HERE

Neighborhood Preservation Unit/Code Enforcement

Has the appearance of your home and yard improved recently? Are you proud of the word you’ve done to turn it around? If so, you should apply for the PROPERTY ALL-STAR program! 

The Property All-Star award program was developed to show appreciation and to recognize those homeowners and landlords that have to improve their once-blighted properties and have brought them up to a community standard or beyond. 

  • Homeowners and landlords can nominate themselves but will need to provide before and after photos of their properties.
  • Front yards will only be considered with some exceptions. 
  • Nominees will need to agree to the nomination and give permission to release their name, address, and photos. A photo release will need to be signed.    
  • The winner will receive a home improvement related prize and a certificate signed by the Mayor. The winner will also have a sign they can keep in their yard congratulating them for their efforts and will be highlighted on the City’s website and Facebook Page.
  • All the monthly winners will be placed in the drawing for the yearly award provided by Lowes.
  • Award term lasts from the first day to the last day of the calendar month.
  • The program will be available citywide.

CLICK HERE to Apply! 

About the NPU Team

The Neighborhood Preservation Unit (NPU) enforces city code and nuisance ordinance violations, concentrating on drug/party houses, illegal accessory apartments, cluttered and junky yards, abandoned vehicles, health issues, illegal businesses, alcohol compliance, and graffiti. To report problems or code violations in your neighborhood, contact the Orem Help Center. 

For common neighborhood-related codes, click here for English and here for Spanish.

For information on the Administrative Law Process, click here.

All Orem City Code can be found here.

A code enforcement plan has been developed for low- to moderate-income neighborhoods outlining above-and-beyond activities to help improve these neighborhoods and prioritize Community Development Block Grant spending. These neighborhoods include Sharon Park, Geneva Heights, Suncrest, Stonewood, Lakeridge, and Hillcrest. View the plan here.