Building Safety

56 N. State St. Room 105 | M-TH 7:30am - 5:30pm, F 8am -5pm | 801.229.7060

Welcome to construction in the City of Orem. The Building Safety Division has a skilled, conscientious staff eager to help you. Our staff is made up of trained and certified personnel, many of whom have extensive backgrounds in construction and contracting. While we are not permitted to perform any actual design work, we are more than willing to consult with owners and builders on building or code related questions. By answering your questions before the work is done, we can help you avoid having to make corrections later.

  • What needs a permit?

    Any person who remodels, repairs (with some exceptions), constructs, moves, demolishes, enlarges or changes the use of a building or causes electrical, plumbing, heating or air conditioning work to be done, or plans to apply stucco, siding or to re-roof, needs to apply for a building permit with the City of Orem Building Safety Division. For examples of which types of work need and do not need permits, click on the following link.

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  • Building Inspection Results

    Make sure to have your permit number ready.

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  • Online Building Permit Application

    Use the online building permit application for building projects that don't require plans submittals.

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  • Monthly Building Permit Reports

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  • Solar / Photovoltaic Info

    Residential Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System Plan Submittal Checklist

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  • Other Applications & Forms

    All of the City's forms, applications, and checklists in one place.

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  • Adopted Codes & Design Info

    Current Adopted Codes - as of July 1, 2018:

    2015 IRC, 2018 IBC, 2018 IMC, 2018 IPC, 2018 IFC, 2017 NEC, 2018 IFGC, 2018 IECC, 2009 ANSI and current Utah State amendments

    Climatic And Geographic Design Criteria, Orem, Utah, Table R301.2(1)
    Ground Snow Load 43
    Roof Snow Load 30-40
    Wind Speed 115
    Seismic Design Category D1-E
    Weathering Severe
    Frost Line Depth 30”
    Termite None - Slight
    Decay None - Slight
    Winter Design Temp 8
    Flood Hazards See Flood Map
    Ice Shield Under-Layment Required Yes
    Air Freezing Index 1000
    Mean Annual Temp 45
  • Accessory Apartment Info

    The document below has been prepared to help guide you through the accessory apartment application process.

Contact Info

801.229.7060 – Inspection Scheduling/Questions

801.229.7059 – Inspection Scheduling/Questions

801.229.7191 – Fax Number

Building Safety Staff

Field Inspection Staff

  • Gary Beardall – Combination Building Inspector (801) 229-7184
  • Curt Davis – Combination Building Inspector (801) 229-7233
  • Ken Peterson – Combination Building Inspector (801) 229-7232
  • Bryce Cook – Combination Building Inspector (801) 229-7006
  • Tim Fullmer – Combination Building Inspector (801)229-3938