2021 Seal Coat Project

DESCRIPTION OF WORK: The City of Orem is accepting sealed proposals from qualified and licensed Seal Coat Contractors for the application of a seal coat at various city owned parking areas. The areas include approximately 36,500 square feet at Orem Community Park (400 South 600 West), and approximately 17,500 square feet at Windsor Park (200 West 1250 North). See the attached Construction Drawings for locations of each baseball field area in Orem City. The total project area is approximately 54,000 square feet.

Contractor will be required to remove all weeds, dirt, debris, brush and clean off all asphalt areas prior to application of new seal coat. Application of the seal coat will only be allowed when pavement and air temperature is 55°F and rising. Do not apply within 24 hours of forecasted rain or in wet weather conditions. Contractor is required to complete this project before September 30, 2021.  The application rate will be 30 square feet per gallon for a two coat application. Seal coat costs will be per square foot, contractor to include all traffic control costs in this price.  Contractor is required to squeegee the first seal coat application unless spray is approved by Project Manager. The application method for the second coat will be determined by the contractor.  All proposals must include a seal coat specification that the contractor will be using for this project.  Striping, red curbing and thermoplastic heat tape is not required as part of this proposal.  Contractor is required to coordinate work with city staff, parks section manager, etc. to work around any public events. Contractor is required to provide payment and performance bonds with notice of award.

PROTECTED INFORMATION: Under the Government Records Access and Management Act, Utah Code § 63G-2-101 et seq. (GRAMA), certain information in the proposal submitted may be open for public inspection. If the Applicant desires to have information contained in its proposal protected from such disclosure, the Applicant may request such treatment by providing a “written claim of business confidentiality and a concise statement of reasons supporting the claim of business confidentiality” with the proposal (See Utah Code § 63G-2-305 and 309). Pricing elements of any proposal will not be considered protected. A business confidentiality claim form is available on the Utah State Records Committee website at: http://archives.utah.gov/recordsmanagement/forms/GRAMA-business-confidentiality.pdf 

OBTAINING PROPOSAL DOCUMENTS: Proposal documents will be available June 8, 2021 at purchasing.utah.gov (Select the search bar > select Current Bids > enter “Orem” > search).

RECEIPT OF PROPOSALS: Sealed proposals will then be accepted online at SciQuest or by the Office of Purchasing, 56 North State Street, Orem, Utah 84057 until 1:30 pm on Tuesday, June 30, 2021.  Proposals submitted after this deadline will be rejected.  Upon review, the business best meeting the needs of the City will be contacted for further action. The City of Orem reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals or any part of any proposal if it is deemed to be in the best interests of the City. QUESTIONS: For questions regarding the RFP contact Trevor Bell at 801-229-7131. For project clarifications contact Jared Peck at 801-229-7535 or Kyra Wright at 801-229-7315. The contractor awarded the bid will be expected to provide payment and performance bonds for the full amount of the contract price.


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